The Gist Of It – February 1, 2012



Why would Newt Gingrich choose a tune by “Survivor” as a campaign song? Wouldn’t a band named “Celebrity Apprentice” be more appropriate? After all, that appears to be his next stop.

This week’s “Gist Of It” is filled with mistakes. Sure, yeah, some of them are made by Don and Bill, as per usual. However, the guys get to exercise their sanctimony and train it on targets in sports, politics and just plain, ol’ everyday life. Toronto Council continues to entertain, as does the Brian Burke/Don Cherry war. As for the Republicans? Well, they keep ticking off musicians by using their songs without permission. As well, the boys investigate just what your handshake says about you.

Segment 1 – Bill singles out some idiocy. The woman who left her cancer-stricken boyfriend and then demanded he give her the Super Bowl tickets. And the school principal who suspended a student for having hair that was too long.

Segment 2 – A little Super Bowl talk. Well, actually, some talk about the Manning who ISN’T there – Peyton Manning.

Segment 3 – Don Cherry vs Brian Burke. Who ya rootin’ for? Landry thinks Grapes has played this one well.

Segment 4 – Mitt Romney may have hammered Newt Gingrich in Florida, but he shares the embarrassment of having a musician tell him not to play their song at campaign stops. At least Romney’s was a contemporary artist (K’Naan). Gingrich was told to cease and desist by Survivor. Yikes.

Segment 5 – Toronto Council has an automatic cost of living salary increase scheduled to come into play. Will they reverse it? They’d better. Aren’t they telling us (and the unions) that we all have to tighten our belts?

Segment 6 – A Conservative Senator has floated a novel idea about convicted murderers in Canada. That they should be given the wherewithal to kill themselves, if they desire. Hmmm. While that might be an enticing notion on some levels, could we really allow that kind of thing?

Segment 7 – What does your handshake say about you? The guys go over a list of ten different handshakes and what they supposedly mean.

By the way, this week’s episode of TGOI was originally produced in auto tune. Don thought it was way cool and made him sound just like a hip hop version of Rick Astley. But, Bill felt it made HIM sound like a hip hop version of Bob Rae.


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