The Gist Of It – September 28, 2011


This week, Don Landry and Bill Hayes rack their brains over the Wayne Simmonds/Sean Avery affair, kicking rules in the CFL and NFL, Brendan Shanahan’s justice in the NHL and the injustice of Michael Vick’s treatment by NFL officials.

Segment 1 – Tim Hortons in Dubai

Segment 2 – “Bombs Away ” – Bill on his basement flood, Don on touchbacks in the NFL.

Segment 3 – Which league needs to adjust their kicking rules? NFL? CFL?

Segment 4 – Wayne Simmonds v Sean Avery

Segment 5 – Brendan Shanahan’s iron fist at NHL head office

Segment 6 – Michael Vick’s complaints about NFL officiating

segment 7 – Should the CBC cover hockey instead of the provincial election?

[box border=”full”]Related link: Don’s blog on what it would sound like if CBC combined election coverage with Hockey Night In Canada. To read it, click here.[/box]

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