The Gist Of It – September 8, 2011


In this week’s podcast, Bill Hayes and Don Landry cover subjects that are both light and heavy hearted. On the serious side, the guys talk about the KHL tragedy and that league’s plans to have a replacement team play in the place of the men who were lost in Wednesday’s air crash. Don’s not in favour, while Bill can see the rationale to do it.  Wade Belak’s suicide: Why the rush to correlate his depression with NHL fighting? And the anniversary of the September 11th attacks: Can you bear to revisit that fateful day?

On the humourous side, there’s Bill’s golf trip to Scotland. Rafael Nadal’s ill-fitting underwear is bothering, not only Nadal, but Don as well. And reflections on the 2011 Canadian National Exhibition: Bill thinks it’s time to let it go. Don thinks the ol’ lady can still thrill ya.

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