The Gist Of It – February 23, 2012


Mitt Romney: Enraptured by Michigan’s inanimate objects.

On this week’s TGOI, Don and Bill make fun of Mitt Romney. Well, not so much as Mitt makes fun of himself. By, you now, just talking. What about Rob Ford and his vendetta against the now-fired TTC General Manager, Gary Webster? Feel better now that you kicked Poindexter out of the sandbox, Mr. Mayor? ESPN suspends one employee and fires another over Jeremy Lin – related comments, and for some mysterious, twisted reason, Rihanna has decided to do a duet with the guy who assaulted her. What’s love got to do with it? Indeed.

Segment 1 – Is Mayor Ford’s firing of the TTC’s general manager fair or foul? Can he learn to play nice? Does he care? We hear he has a burgeoning radio career….

Segment 2 – Mitt Romney likes everything in Michigan, it seems. The guys have some fun with Mitt’s new found exuberance.

Segment 3 – ESPN suspends an anchor for saying “chink in the armor” at the wrong time. Don takes them to task for what he sees as the wrong decision.

[box border=”full”]To read Don’s column: “ESPN Runs for Cover Over Lin, Bretos,” click here.[/box]

Segment 4 – The NHL’s trade deadline. Dead would be the operative word here. Bill’s tired of the hype. Don just wants the big picture, not a thousand tiny ones.

Segment 5 – Bill thinks Whitney Houston’s funeral should have been more about cautionary tales than album sales. Don’s disappointed in everyone. Except Alicia Keys.

Segment 6 – What in THE hell is wrong with Rihanna? A duet with the guy who assaulted her?! Bill finds it a sad commentary on society itself. Don wonders if Rihanna is to be pitied or pilloried.

And there you have it. Bill Hayes and Don Landry just sittin’ around and jabbering on like the rocket surgeons they are. So many, many problems solved in one tiny, little weekly podcast. See ya next week.

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