The Gist Of It – January 11, 2012


Don and Bill return after a Christmas break – actually, they each ditched the podcast because they were on fill-in duty at NEWSTALK 1010, in Toronto – to give you “The Gist Of It.” This week, the boys bounce around the legend of Tim Tebow, Brian Burke’s lamenting of enforcers going the way of the Dodo, and the scourge of politicians crossing the floor. As well – The most dangerous breakfast food is….

Isn’t it time the NHL cracked down on unnecessary breakfast violence?

Segment 1 – Don decries the floor-crossing of a Quebec MP. He wants legislation to ensure it doesn’t happen again without a by-election.

Segment 2 – Bill’s intrigued by the life of a First Lady in the United States. Should she be a kitty or a tigress?

Segment 3 – Football! Tim Tebow continues to have his prayers answered. That will end, Don says, in New England, this weekend.

Segment 4 – Brian Burke’s sad, sad tale of the plight of the NHL enforcer. Boo. Hoo.

Segment 5 – More on Burke and the NHL’s “rats.” Don thinks it’s ludicrous to believe they’re taking over. Bill’s not so sure of that.

Segment 6 – Harper v Putin. Bill’s unmoved. Don says “lace ’em up!”

Segment 7 – How in the hell do you injure yourself eating pancakes? Ask L.A. King forward Dustin Penner.

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2 thoughts on “The Gist Of It – January 11, 2012

  1. Hold on there Nelly!

    Don, “… you have a long-standing hate for the Pittsburgh Steelers? What for? What is it about this team that would make you hate them? They’re not the high-spending Cowboys. They DO NOT have an obnoxious owner. They are all about tough defense and are a hard-working team.They have a great fan base, and finally…the city of Pittsburgh is a model of success in an American economy that has sufferred greatly in previous decades; the Steel city floundered with all the economic problems there in the 90’s but is a shining example as to how to turn things around.

    So tell me…is it because they have been so successful? Is that it? Is this a jealousy thing? Or is this a thing about their “holier-than-thou” attitude they display when they get rid of players like Burress or Holmes? I really wanna know.

    P.S.: By the way, what is your take on the Sportnet article about the demise of the Montreal Canadiens Empire?

    • Roberto: It’s probably just the presence of a few obnoxious Steeler fans around me when I was a kid…
      nothing serious…
      Go Giants. 😉

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