The Gist Of It – January 18, 2012


Miss Wisconsin was named Miss America last Saturday night. So, you know, you’ve got THAT, Packer fans.

This week on TGOI, Bill Hayes and Don Landry wonder if you’ve go the nerve to eat a snack from a place called “Glory Hole Doughnuts.” As well, there’s some discussion as to whether this week’s budget battle at Toronto City Council signals a move to the political centre. The boys hoof around a little NFL playoff talk, and wonder just how big a cup of coffee has to get before we’re satisfied that we’re getting our caffeine fix. What about “Moneyball”? Is it really that great? How hard can it be to quit smoking? And, how much control should the government have over the internet? It’s a lot, we know. But, this showcase can be yours, if the price is right.

Segment 1 – Bill Hayes is sooooo nice, he’ll help you quit smoking. Don wonders if this is the birth of a new running feature on TGOI.

Segment 2 – Don Landry tears into the stubbornness of those on both the left and right of the political spectrum. Time for moderates to shine.

Segment 3 – Bill picks up on Don’s theme of moderation of political thought. Is it pie in the sky?

Segment 4 – Just how big does a damn cup of coffee have to be? And can we come up with a better caffeine delivery system? As well… ever heard of “Glory Hole Doughnuts”?

Segment 5 – Movies. With the Golden Globe Awards in the rearview mirror, the boys look ahead to the Oscars. Don wants to know why “Moneyball” is getting such glowing reviews.

Segment 6 – The NFL playoffs. And get THIS! Tim Tebow isn’t mentioned even ONCE! Bill – a big Packers fan, sorts through the wreckage of his 2012 championship dreams.

Segment 7 – The SOPA saga. Bill thinks it’s censorship. Don thinks tougher reg’s are needed to govern internet piracy. Can Bill bring Don around?

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