The Gist Of It – February 29, 2012


Who would YOU cast in a remake of The Love Boat?

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to another edition of The Gist Of It. Don Landry and Bill Hayes are your hosts for a rip roaring clash of ideas and opinions on a wide range of topics. Like any other red-blooded Canadian, the guys love their hockey. Not so crazy about the NHL trade deadline, though. They talk about the trades, Rick Nash and the state of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Women’s curling is a hot topic, as are the Oscars and a remake of The Love Boat. And a recent study that shows that the richer you are, the more likely you are to lie, cheat and steal.

Segment 1 – The NHL trade deadline. Bill actually pvr’d portions of it. Not Don. He stayed away from his TV. They have ideas on how to revamp the deadline.

Segment 2 – Does Leafs’ General Manager Brian Burke have all his eggs in the Toronto Marlies’ basket?

Segment 3 – Rick Nash and his request to be traded. Don thinks Columbus Blue Jackets’ GM Scott Howson was certainly within his rights to tell people Nash asked for a trade.

Segment 4 – Women’s curling!! Don, of course, is a huge curling fan. Bill tells us he kinda digs The Scotties. They discuss the sex appeal of the sport. And Heather Nedohin’s “S#!+balls!”

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Segment 5 – A new study done by big-brain schools in both Toronto and California shows that rich people are more likely to lie, steal and cheat. Certainly, they drive poorly, Don says.

Segment 6 – The Oscars. Crystal, Jolie, and The Dictator. Snarky comments on all of them. And, sure, Don reiterates his dislike of Meryl Streep.

Segment 7 – You know it. It’s time for someone to bring back “The Love Boat.” The guys discuss who they’d cast as The Captain, Gopher, Julie, Doc and Isaac. Why? Ummm… just… because.

Segment 8 – Ever wondered where the word “dude” came from? Bill has. So, he found out.

There it is. Hey, who would you cast as Landry and Hayes in a remake of this podcast?

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