The Gist Of It – February 9, 2012


Karen Stintz (holding baby) seems to have reservations about Toronto’s transit plan, as Mayor Rob Ford (background) excitedly waves to the crowd

This week on TGOI, The incredible world of municipal politics once again captures the fancy of Don Landry and Bill Hayes. Transit City returns from the dead. At least for now. As well, the guys take you behind the scenes at that Budweiser “Flash Fans” Super Bowl commercial, talk over the relative merits of Mats Sundin and the NHL’s Winter Classic, and discuss the incredible case of a Quebec man who ended up being treated like a terrorist after one little text message. This week’s episode of the Gist Of It has been endorsed by the Donald! (Landry, that is.)

Segment 1 – Transit City. Is it really back? What’s the next twist in this enduring Toronto saga? Is Karen Stintz ready to run for mayor? Don has an idea for a musical based on the whole sordid tale.

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Segment 2  – Bill talks about his inability to feel the love for either team on Super Bowl Sunday. Don makes a crack about Madonna.

Segment 3 – The new age of Super Bowl advertising. It isn’t actually about the number of people who see your commercial during the game, anymore. And, Will Ferrell’s LOCAL beer commercial in Nebraska.

Segment 4 – Don took part in the Budweiser Super Bowl “Flash Fans” commercial, shot at the Port Credit Arena. He takes you behind the scenes and talks about the secrecy that surrounded the ad.

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Segment 5 – Don is almost giddy with excitement over the prospects of next year’s Winter Classic between the Leafs and Red Wings, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bill… well… “meh.”

Segment 6 – The Leafs hoist a Mats Sundin banner to the rafters this weekend. Just where does he rank on the list of all-time greats? Should his number 13 be retired?

Segment 7 – The crazy story of a Quebec man who had his door kicked in by law enforcement officers after he sent a text message to his colleagues exhorting them to “blow away the competition” while they were at a trade show in New York.

There you have it. We apologize if we went beyond giving you merely the gist of some topics. Oh, and do yourself a favour. Check out William Shatner’s version of “Rocket Man.”


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